"Große Erlebnisse erfordern großen Ehrgeiz." (Heraklit)

The art of cosmetics

Filling & packaging


Following on from bulk production, you can benefit from our experience and our wide range of options in technical terms in the filling and packaging of all your cosmetic products. Our equipment includes tube fillers and bottle fillers, as well as jar fillers and a wide range of semi-automatic and manual filling machinery.

As in the bulk production area, ideal conditions in terms of hygiene can also be found in the filling area. Thorough cleaning of the filling machinery, as well as mandatory approval of the line by our Quality Assurance staff, are steps which you can take for granted in the execution of your order. We take regular samples during the filling process and carry out checks on these to ensure that we achieve a consistent and perfect filling quality.



After the filling of the bulk quantity and the secure closure of the primary packaging material, the goods are then transported by means of fully automatic conveyor belts into a separate packaging area. Here, there is further machinery for printing, labelling, barcoding, etc. Packaging is always carried out in consultation with our customers.

Thanks to our highly-qualified employees and the possession of the right technical prerequisites, we are in a good position to react flexibly to changes in the type of packaging or production quantities whilst still guaranteeing consistent quality.

At your request, we can of course arrange for additional testing to be carried out through independent institutes.

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