"Große Erlebnisse erfordern großen Ehrgeiz." (Heraklit)

The art of cosmetics



The production room is divided up by a series of air-lock areas into the production area, the cleaning area, and the disinfection area. An additional gated hygiene air-lock at the entrance of the production area completely ensures hygienic conditions in accordance with the standards for the manufacture of pharmaceutical goods and foodstuffs.

We manufacture products which range from liquids through to those with a paste-like consistency, in production areas which are physically separated from one another.

Our highly-advanced production equipment can also handle complex manufacturing processes. For example, we use nitrogen for the suppression of oxygen in order to achieve long term stability in all our products. We guarantee consistent quality in our mixing plant, in batch sizes of 300 – 1,000 kilos.

In order to benefit from economies of scale, we undertake procurement of the necessary raw materials and auxiliary materials in consultation with our customers. These raw materials are purchased according to strict criteria and always undergo careful incoming goods checks before being stored on our premises.

Of course, you also have the option of providing all the components needed for the manufacture of your products yourself.

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